lundi 22 juillet 2013


Here are some tropical fruits  to refresh you.  You have the choice between  pitaya, coconuts, pinapple, durian, or then a simple apple (less exotic).


mardi 16 juillet 2013

jeudi 16 mai 2013

mardi 14 mai 2013

INTERVIEW: FRANKIE Magazine (Australia)

    Since last week you can find an interview of me on the australian online magazine FRANKIE. I decided to share it on my blog, hope you will enjoy it! 
Thanks a lot to FRANKIE and Sophie Kalagas!

samedi 11 mai 2013

La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser

I can't offer me the Cat-Face Platform Wedges by Charlotte Olympia. So to comfort me, I've made them in paper!

Let's go to party!

mardi 7 mai 2013


Great Show! Karen O so terrific! You guys are awesome! Thank you!

vendredi 3 mai 2013

Café Gourmand!

Coffee and a waffle topped with chocolate and strawberries...waiting for the sun! Good WE guys!

lundi 15 avril 2013

The Thousand and One Nights Wallpaper!

Schéhérazade and Sultan...
... dancing on the disco beat!
Night Fever!